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Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

16. Arctic Hydromedusa

16. Arctic Hydromedusa

The Arctic Hydromedusa is a mysterious creature that resides in the depths of the sea. They can generally be found right through the ocean from the surface to the very bottom.

They are minuscule creatures that typically go unnoticed by us humans as they can easily slip through the holes of fishing nets.

As well as this they are transparent either completely or mostly opaque.

Not much is known about them, but they are thought to be a part of the cnidaria family.

They are similar to jellyfish in appearance as they have a jelly-like substance in their bodies.

They tend to prey on organisms such as plankton as well as different organic matter floating in the depths of the ocean and bacteria. As they are related to the jellyfish they are very similar in appearance, albeit far smaller.

17. Obese Dragonfish

The obese dragonfish belongs to the group known as the 'barbeled dragonfish'. They are called so because of their very long barbel which resides on their head, under their chin to be more specific.

This barbel serves as a way of producing light. This makes the obese dragonfish a member of the bioluminescent fish family. They live at depths of 5000 feet making them a deep water dweller.

Typically they are found in the seas around Australia, namely the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic.

As well as the light producing barbel they also have photophores all over their body in different places as a way of producing more light.

17. Obese Dragonfish

The barbel and other lights allow them to attract prey and potential mates. In terms of prey, however, not much is known about what their prey consists of. They are thought to be carnivorous animals though, with super sharp teeth to show for it. They are thought to grow to around 55 centimeters in tidal, which is around 21 inches.

Source: https://addhelium.com/weirdest-creatures-in-the-ocean/

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