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EU takes France, Greece to court over waste laws

EU takes France, Greece to court over waste laws
BRUSSELS - The European Commission said yesterday it was taking France and Greece to court for failing to apply EU environmental standards on waste disposal. The Commission said a landfill in Greeces Peloponnese was operating without proper authorisation, while seven French incinerators breached EU law on the prevention of air pollution from municipal waste incineration plants. The Commission said it was also taking legal action against Portugal for failing to respect EU drinking water standards and against Spain, Greece and Belgium for failing to adopt a 1997 amendment to an EU law on assessing the environmental impact of major projects. Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg were also singled out for breaking the environmental impact assessment law. The Commissions decisions come three weeks after a landmark decision in the European Court of Justice to fine Greece 20,000 euros ($18,000) a day for failing to comply with a 1992 ruling to clean up a waste dump in Crete. This was the first fine ever to be imposed on an EU member state for failing to comply with EU law. The case set a precedent for fines against countries which fail to comply with court rulings. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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