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NJ Gov expected to soon introduce solid waste bill

NJ Gov expected to soon introduce solid waste bill
NEW YORK - New Jersey Gov. Christie Whitman could have a solid waste bill to aid counties and facilities that issued trash debt introduced in the Legislature later this week, a state official said Monday. Gary Sondermeyer, chief of staff of New Jerseys Department of Environmental Protection, said a plan to refinance debt through the states Economic Development Authority is being considered, but specific details were not yet available. Sondermeyer spoke at The Bond Buyers New York and New Jersey Public Finance Conference. So far, the state has come through on a case-by-case basis on its pledge to help solid waste facilities that were unable to pay their debt service after deregulation of the industry in 1997. After deregulation, solid waste facilities were hard-pressed to find revenues after municipalities found it was cheaper to haul waste across state lines. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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