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Sweden says cannot burn all suspect animal waste

Sweden says cannot burn all suspect animal waste
LISBON - Sweden lacks the capacity to burn all the animal waste banned by the European Union from use in feed to fight mad cow disease and must export some to Denmark and Germany, Agriculture Minister Margareta Winberg said. EU ministers last month agreed to ban meat and bone meal from the food chain for the first six months of 2001, as this is thought to cause the brain-wasting disease bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). "Normally, every country should take care of its own waste, of course," Winberg told a news conference on Wednesday. "But Sweden cant do it so we have to export it, to Denmark and to Germany." She added that Sweden was making efforts to build new incinerators. "Its not easy, because when it comes to the location, its very hard to find a municipality willing to take care of this waste," added Winberg, whose country began its six-month stint as EU president on January 1. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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