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Slovenia to export waste animal fat to Austria

Slovenia to export waste animal fat to Austria
LJUBLJANA - Slovenia said on Friday it would export waste animal fat to neighbouring Austria for incineration to reduce stockpiles amid the mad cow scare in Europe. The Ministry of Environment (MOP) said a domestic firm would store the matter temporarily and export it to an Austrian cement production plant for incineration over the next three months. "Removal of animal fat is urgent as some 580 tonnes of animal fat accumulates monthly and Slovenia has no appropriate storage facilities," the MOP said. Meat and bone meal - processed from slaughtered livestock and previously used as a high protein feed additive - would also be destroyed. Slovenia plans to invite bids for an international tender in mid-February to find a long-term solution for the management of the growing mountain of waste. Slovenia estimates it will have to spend four billion tolars ($17.7 million) this year for management of tens of thousands of tonnes of animal waste. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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