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Japan power plant to be fueled by plastic waste

Japan power plant to be fueled by plastic waste
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TOKYO - Major Japanese pest control company Sanix Inc said yesterday it expects to be able to sell from August 2002 electricity generated from a 74,000 kilwatt (kW) thermal power plant that uses fuel produced from recycled waste plastic. Company executives told a news conference that construction of the 10 billion yen ($79.82 million) power plant on Japans northernmost main island of Hokkaido will begin in May. The company, based in the western main island of Kyushu, has built waste treatment plants nationwide. Sanix said it will consume in-house about 15 percent of the electricity generated by the new power plant, with the remainder to be sold in Hokkaido to both commercial and industrial large-lot users. Annual sales from the power generated by the plant in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, are expected to eventually reach about 5.5 billion yen. The company is taking advantage of deregulation of the domestic power market that since March last year allows non-power utilities to supply electricity to large-lot consumers. An official at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said Sanix is the first company among the new entrants to construct a power plant to sell electricity. Other companies have chosen to buy surplus in-house generation capacity for resale. Sanix said the power plant will be the worlds first using recycled waste plastic as fuel. Its president, Shinichi Munemasa, said it planned to build two more of the same thermal power plants by 2003, in the Kanto region, which also includes Tokyo, and in western Japan. He said it was also thinking of building another three plants, but the locations had not been decided. The fuel - which provides a means of recycling plastic waste - also emits about 15 to 20 percent less carbon dioxide than coal when burned, the company said. The power plant will consume about 705 tonnes of the recycled fuel a day, all of which will be supplied by Sanixs plants. Sanix currently operates eight plastic recycling plants. It is also constructing three other recycling plants and has plans to build seven others nationwide. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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