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Business Sector Recycling

Business Sector Recycling
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"Hippies and Greenies in suits" is how people in the recycling industries were once seen. In recent times recycling and waste minimisation has changed from being a concern of only the environmentally concious. Now recycling and waste minimisation makes good business sense as many operators are discovering the benefits of resource management, the value of materials once considered waste and the importance of corporate environmental responsibility to their customers. As we enter the new millenium, many businesses are now looking to their long term future. Recycling and good waste management will become an increasingly higher priority as access to landfill is restricted, disposal costs increase, legislation promotes recycling and companies seek to preserve our resources. With the help of a number of government agencies, industry groups and research initiatives many industries and the businesses are discovering better ways of managing their own wastes and in many cases reducing costs and adding value to their product by doing so. You will be suprised how many well known and respected businesses, apparently unconnected to recycling, have incorporated it into their offices and operations. In short, there are some impressive examples which show that there is a lot more to business sector recycling than "hippies in business suits"! In this chapter we look at various industry sectors to see how they are meeting the waste challenge and have profiled businesses that have made recycling part of their practice and, in some cases, made recycling the core of their business. Zdroj: PlanetArk
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