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CAMPAIGNERS have urged people to object after plans for a controversial pounds 20m waste centre, which includes an incinerator, have finally been submitted. Wrexham Council has received plans for the Waste Resource Recovery Centre, part of which will be a 52,000tonne incinerator. The proposals have sparked a storm of protest. Plans are now available for public consultation. Protesters, including Trefnu Cymunedol Cymru, Greenpeace and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales, claim there are serious health risks. They fear harmful dioxins will be released. Wrexham Council and HLC, the company behind the project, insist the facility will be safe and that it will pioneer a new system for managing and recycling waste. The contract between HLC and the authority would last for 25 years. If accepted, the company hopes to build the plant on the Wrexham Industrial Estate creating 70 jobs. A spokeswoman for TCC said: "The more we looked into the issue of waste disposal, the more we became worried by the track record and known, as well as unknown, health implications of incineration."
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