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Greenpeace to help Nepal disposal of toxic wastes

Greenpeace to help Nepal disposal of toxic wastes
KATHMANDU - Environmental group Greenpeace said last week it would help impoverished Nepal dispose of some of its obsolete pesticides to reduce environmental hazards in the Himalayan nation. A Greenpeace official Andreas Bernstorff said Nepal had 74 tonnes of old pesticides in unsafe warehouses and that his group would repackage five tonnes for transport back to suppliers. \"The most urgent need is to contain the problem by repackaging the pesticides safely for sea transport to producing industries,\" he said. \"The manufacturing companies must take them back and dispose of them safely.\" About half a million tonnes of unwanted pesticides are estimated to be in storage worldwide. These are often poorly stored in leaking containers, posing health dangers, environmentalalists say. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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