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Metraux wins car waste processing order

Metraux wins car waste processing order
ZURICH - Metraux Services SA said yesterday that with partner CT Umwelttechnik AG, part of Germany\'s Babcock Borsig AG , it won an order for a Swiss specialist car waste incineration plant. It did not say how much the order from the Swiss IGEA foundation for the environmentally friendly processing of old cars was worth. The plant is to process waste produced by shredding obsolete cars, Metraux said, adding that about 60,000 tonnes a year of such waste including plastics, textiles or wood was produced in Switzerland. Metraux said that the order boosted its waste recycling business in Switzerland, but added the endorsement of its processing technology by IGEA could also clear the way for similar orders from European Union countries. Shares in Metraux, which supplies garages and car repair shops, but also delivers chemicals and recycles specialist waste, closed at 99.00 Swiss francs this week. The stock set a 12-month low of 77.00 on September 22. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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