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EU set to double packaging recycling targets

EU set to double packaging recycling targets
BRUSSELS - European Union countries will have to double the proportion of packaging waste they recyle over the next five years under new rules proposed last week by the European Commission.
The EU\'s executive arm put forward a recycling target of between 55 and 70 percent for discarded packaging, up from the current minimum of between 25 and 45 percent. The rules, which now go for approval by EU member states and the European Parliament, would also bump up targets for recycling specific materials from the current 15 percent to 60 percent for glass, 55 percent for paper and board, 50 for metals and 20 percent for plastics. \"Today packaging recycling is no longer a luxury of central and northern European countries, but a common activity throughout Europe,\" the Commission said in a statement. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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