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Japanese police arrest \"God of Garbage\"

Japanese police arrest \ God of Garbage\
TOKYO - A Japanese sanitation worker known as the \"God of Garbage\" was arrested by police this week for threatening a bar owner at knifepoint because he refused to separate his trash, the Mainichi Daily news reported.
Mizuo Tamura, 55, a manager in the environmental section in the Kajiki municipal government, was arrested for breaking Japan\'s Firearms and Swords Control Law early on Thursday, the newspaper said in its online edition. \"(The bar owner) wasn\'t separating his rubbish properly,\" Tamura told police in Kagoshima on the southern island of Kyushu. Japan has rigid rules for separating different types of trash, including food refuse, general waste, business waste and bottles and cans. The newspaper said Tamura oversaw the town\'s garbage collection and had been arrested several times in the past for trying to enforce the rules in an over-enthusiastic way. \"He\'s so keen on his work, everybody refers to him as the \'God of Garbage\',\" his boss was quoted by the newspaper as saying. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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