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U.S. orders $340 mln California Superfund cleanup

U.S. orders $340 mln California Superfund cleanup
WASHINGTON - The U.S. government on Friday said it reached a $340 million settlement with 161 companies for the cleanup of a Superfund site in California, one of the largest actions in the program\'s 21-year history. The Justice Department and Environmental Protection Agency acted to clean up a 190-acre landfill in Monterey Park that accepted industrial and municipal waste between 1948 and 1984, according to a Justice Department news release. Cleanup efforts have been ongoing on the site since 1984, and EPA has issued two prior clean-up orders, the release said. Superfund created by Congress in December 1980 to give the federal government broad authority to clean up the nation\'s worst toxic waste dumps. The U.S. EPA administers the program. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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