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Nike končí s PVC

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Nike končí s PVC
Nike is launching a new line of environmentally friendly products in a bid to head off its critics. The US sportswear giant will launch a range of PVC-free products, the first of which will be six styles of sports shoes. PVC can prove harmful to the environment if manufactured and disposed of in the wrong way. And this autumn the company intends to launch a range of clothing made out of 100% organic cotton. But Greenpeace said the move did not go far enough and must be extended across all Nike products to avoid being seen as a \"greenwashing\" tactic. Nike has come under fire from campaigners and consumers concerned about environmental and human rights issues, including the conditions of Nike factory workers in countries such as Indonesia. A new logo - the Nike \"tick\" surrounded by a cog-like oval reminiscent of recycling marques - will brand all Nike products and services that are part of the push to create sustainable practices. The logo will be used on footwear, clothing and equipment as well as services such as the shoe recycling cheme, \"Reuse-A-Shoe\", and the \"Air To Earth\" school education programme. It will appear on materials such as product tags, in-store merchandising kits and press releases. Greenpeace toxics campaigner Mark Strutt said the launch of PVC-free shoes was a good first move for Nike. \"It\'s a good step forward for the environment, for the concept of material substitution and particularly for the production of trainers that use PVC in the soles,\" he said. \"But we do expect [Nike] to follow through with the rest of their range. They have a commitment to replace PVC. And we certainly always watch companies to make sure they are not doing something as a greenwash exercise.\" MediaGuardian.co.uk
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