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Tendr - zpracování pevného odpadu ve Wroclawi

Tendr - zpracování pevného odpadu ve Wroclawi
Wroclaw: ISPA - ISPA Measure Technical Assistance to II Phase of Wroclaw Solid Waste Management Stav tendru: výzva k projevení zájmu Banka: Evropská unie - program ISPA Datum uzávěrky: 28.02.2002 Datum posledni zmeny: 11.02.2002 Země: Poland Popis: Technická pomoc pro fázi II Programu zpracování pevného odpadu ve Wroclawi 2002/S 20-014474 Service procurement notice 1. Publication reference: EuropeAid/111958/D/SV/PL 2. Procedure: Restricted. 3. Programme: ISPA. 4. Financing: Financing memorandum, project No 2000/PL/16/P/PE/018 Wroclaw solid waste treatment in Wroclaw - Phase I. 5. Contracting authority: Municipality of Wroclaw, 1/8 Nowy Targ Street, 50-141 Wroclaw, Poland. Tel.: 48 (71) 340 73 55. Fax: 48 (71) 340 75 79. E-mail: mdziuban@um.wroc.pl. Contract specification 6. Nature of contract: Study. 7. Contract description: The assignment involves: - assistance to municipal authorities in finalizing the municipal solid waste management programme for the City of Wroclaw; - preparation of selected documentation needed for the successful implementation of phase II of the programme (including among the others a full feasibility study and technical design of new sanitary landfill and waste transfer facilities, preparation of institutional development programme for institutions concerned with the solid waste management, conceptual design and specifications for the waste reduction and recycling system for the city and all appropriate environmental impact assessments; - preparation of application for funding of selected components from ISPA programme. 8. Number and titles of lots: No division into lots. 9. Maximum budget: 1 600 000 EUR. 10. Scope for additional services: Conditions of participation 11. Eligibility: Participation is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons of the Member States and the countries and territories of the regions covered and/or authorized by the ISPA Regulation 1267/97 (i.e.: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia), or other specific instruments applicable to the programme under which the contract is financed (see also point 28 below). 12. Candidature: All eligible natural and legal persons (as per item 11 above) or groupings of such persons (consortia) may apply. A consortium may be a permanent, legally established grouping or a grouping which has been constituted informally for a specific tender procedure. All members of a consortium (i.e. the leader and all other partners) are jointly and severally liable to the contracting authority. The participation of an ineligible natural or legal person (as per item 11) will result in the automatic exclusion of that person. In particular, if that ineligible person belongs to a consortium, the whole consortium will be excluded. 13. Number of applications: Candidates (including firms within the same legal group, other members of the same consortium and subcontractors) should submit only one application for the current contract, whatever the form of participation (as an individual candidate, or as leader or partner of a consortium candidate). In the event that a natural and legal person submits more than one application, all applications in which that person has participated will be excluded. 14. Shortlist alliances prohibited: Any tenders received from tenderers comprising firms other than those mentioned in the shortlisted application forms will be excluded from this restricted tender procedure. Shortlisted candidates may not form alliances or subcontract to each other for the contract in question. 15. Grounds for exclusion: As part of the application form, candidates must declare that they do not fall into any of the categories listed in Section 2.3 of the Manual of Instructions for External Relations contracts (available from the following Internet address: http://europa.eu.int/comm/europeaid/index_en.htm). 16. Subcontracting: Subcontracting is not allowed. 17. Number of candidates to be shortlisted: On the basis of the applications received, at least 4 and at most 8 candidates will be invited to submit detailed tenders for this contract. Provisional timetable 18. Provisional date of invitation to tender: March 2002. 19. Provisional start date of the contract: August 2002. 20. Initial contract duration and possible extension: 15 months. Selection and award criteria 21. Selection criteria: 1: economic and financial standing of candidate(s): (a) total annual turnover of candidate (in case of consortium the total combined turnover of all the consortium members) must exceed 2 000 000 EUR for each of the last 3 financial years (1999, 2000, 2001); (b) if a consortium of candidates is established (a leader number of partners) the annual turnover of the leader should amount to no less than 1 500 000 EUR and the turnovers of each of the other partners should total at least 500 000 EUR for each of the last 3 financial years (1999, 2000, 2001). 2: professional capacity of candidate(s): (a) at least 40 of all staff working for the candidate(s) should be permanent staff for the past three years (1999-2001); (b) at least 10 of all permanent staff working for the candidate(s) have worked in fields related to this contract for the past three years (1999-2001); (c) the candidate(s) has significant experience in the relevant specialities, i.e. solid waste management systems design, institutional development, engineering design of solid waste systems, feasibility study preparation, preparation of EIAs. 3: technical capacity of candidate(s): (a) the candidate(s) has worked on at least three major projects in Europe - in solid waste management infrastructure, of a nature and value similar to this contract; (b) candidate(s) has worked on at least one project in Poland - in solid waste management infrastructure. 22. Award criteria: As specified in the tender dossier annexed to the letter of invitation to tender which will be sent to shortlisted candidates. Application 23. Deadline for applications: 28.2.2002 (15.30) local time. Any application received after this deadline will not be considered. 24. Application format and details to be provided: Applications must be submitted using the standard application form (available from the following Internet address: http://europa.eu.int/comm/europeaid/tender/index_en.htm), whose format and instructions must be strictly observed. Any application which does not observe these provisions will be automatically eliminated. Any additional documentation (brochure, letter, etc.) sent with the application will not be taken into consideration. 25. How applications may be submitted: Applications must be submitted exclusively to the implementing agency i.e. National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management: either by recorded delivery (official postal service) to: National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Department for ISPA Fund Management (room 208, building Konstruktorska 1A) 3A Konstruktorska Street, 02-673 Warszawa, Poland. BID DO NOT OPEN (OFERTA NIE OTWIERAC); or hand delivered (including courier services) directly to the implementing agency in return for a signed and dated receipt to: National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Department for ISPA Fund Management (room 208, building Konstruktorska 1A) 3A Konstruktorska Street, 02-673 Warszawa, Poland. BID DO NOT OPEN (OFERTA NIE OTWIERAC). The contract title and the publication reference (see item 1 above) must be clearly marked on the envelope containing the application and must always be mentioned in all subsequent correspondence with the contracting authority. Applications submitted by any other means will not be considered. 26. Additional information: The winning contractor will not be allowed to take part in subsequent tenders related to this project. 27. Date of publication of contract forecast: 10.1.2001. 28. Legal basis: Council Regulation (EEC) No 1267/1999 of 21 June 1999 establishing an Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-accession as amended.
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