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Wind of change blows in Sweden

Wind of change blows in Sweden
Sweden\'s wind power industry is reportedly facing sharp cuts in government support. According to Dagens Nyheter newspaper, legislation to be introduced within the next ten days will reduce an existing production subsidy of SKr0.9 (0.1 euros) per kilowatt hours (KWh) and scrap a 10% government contribution to capital costs, the newspaper adds. An \"environmental bonus\" of SKr0.181/KWh will be phased out. Instead, according to Dagens Nyheter\'s sources, the new energy bill will provide for direct government investment in technological development, favouring major projects such as offshore wind farms. Energy companies will be obliged to meet renewable targets under a tradable green certification scheme, passing on the extra costs involved to consumers. Notwithstanding the subsidy cuts, the government still aims to increase Sweden\'s wind-generated output \"substantially\" over the next ten years from its current level of about 0.5 terawatt hours (TWh), or about 0.3% of the national total of 150 TWh. Zdroj: ENDS
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