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Tendr - dodávka čerpadel

Tendr - dodávka čerpadel
Yugoslavia YU-Pristina: Cards - supply of pumps for mine pumping and dewatering Stav tendru: vypsaný tendr Banka: Evropská unie - program CARDS Datum uzávěrky: 16.05.2002 Popis: Dodávka čerpadel 2002/S 51-039068 1. Publication reference: EuropeAid/113212/D/S/KOS 2. Procedure: International open. 3. Programme: Cards. 4. Financing: 00/KOS03/02/007. 5. Contracting authority: European Agency for Reconstruction, Museum of Kosovo Building, Miladin Popovic Street, Pristina, Kosovo, Yugoslavia. Tel.: 873 762 15 46 98. Fax: 873 762 06 60 19. Contract specification 6. Contract description: The supply of: lot 1: one submersible pump with stop/start control panel; lot 2: four centrifugal pump sets complete with electrical motors and control panels. 7. Number and titles of lots: The components will be split up into 2 lots. Bidders will be able to bid for individual lots. Conditions of participation 8. Eligibility and rule of origin: Participation is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons [participating either individually or in a grouping (consortium) of tenderers] of the Member States and the countries and territories of the regions covered and/or authorized by the regulation or other specific instruments applicable to the programme under which the contract is financed (see 21). All goods provided for this contract must originate in these countries. 9. Grounds for exclusion: Tenderers must provide a declaration that they are not in any of the situations listed in Section 2.3 of the Manual of Instructions for External Relations contracts (available from the following Internet address: http://europa.eu.int/comm/europeaid/tender/gestion/index_en.htm). 10. Number of tenders: Tenderers (including firms within the same legal group, other members of the same consortium, and subcontractors) may submit only one tender for one or several lots. Tenders for parts of a lot will not be considered. Any tenderer may state in their tender that they would offer a discount in the event that their tender is accepted for more than one lot. Tenderers may not provide a tender for a variant solution in addition to their tender for the supplies required in the tender dossier. 11. Tender guarantee: Tenderers must provide a tender guarantee of 14 000 EUR when submitting a tender. This guarantee will be released to unsuccessful tenderers once the tender procedure has been completed and to the successful tenderer(s) upon signature of the contract by all parties. This guarantee will be called upon if the tenderer does not fulfil all obligations stated in its tender. 12. Performance guarantee: The successful tenderer will be requested to provide a performance guarantee of 10% of the contract value in euro when countersigning the contract. This must be delivered within 30 days after receipt by the tenderer of the contract signed by the contracting authority. If the selected tenderer fails to provide such a guarantee within this period, the contract will be void and a new contract may be drawn up and sent to the tenderer which has submitted the next most economically advantageous, compliant tender. 13. Information meeting and/or site visit: No information meeting is planned. 14. Tender validity: Tenders must remain valid for a period of 90 days after the deadline for submission of tenders. 15. Maximum delivery period: 60 days following the award of contract. Selection and award criteria 16. Selection criteria: Compliance with tender requirements. 17. Award criteria: Price, delivery and compliance with technical specifications. Tendering 18. How to obtain the tender dossier: The tender dossier requests shall be sent to: directly: European Agency for Reconstruction, Att: Procurement Officer, Museum of Kosovo Building, Miladin Popovic Street, Pristina, Kosovo. E-mail: tapio.tuomari@ear.eu.int. Fax: 873 762 06 60 19. E-mail address to be included when making the request. If the tender dossier is not picked up by hand, it will be delivered by courier and the receiver should meet the costs. Tenders must be submitted using the standard tender submission form included in the tender dossier, whose format and instructions must be strictly observed. Tenderers with questions regarding this tender should send them in writing to the above-mentioned address (quoting the publication reference in 1) at least 21 days before the deadline for submission of tenders in 19. The contracting authority must reply to all tenderers questions at least 11 days before the deadline for submission of tenders. 19. Deadline for submission of tenders: The request for the tender dossier can be made from the date of the publication of this tender notice. Deadline for the submission of the offer shall be: 16 May 2002 (16.00) CET. Any tender received after this deadline will not be considered. 20. Tender opening session: 20th May 2002 (10.30) CET, European Agency for Reconstruction, Pristina . 21. Legal basis: Council Regulation (EC) No 2666/2000 of 5 December 2000, amended by Council Regulation (EC) No 2415/2001 of 10 December 2001. publikováno: 15.03.2002
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