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Commission rebuffed over new agency chief

Commission rebuffed over new agency chief
The European environment agency (EEA) management board has refused to accept either of two candidates proposed by the European Commission to replace its chief Domingo Jiménez Beltrán, opening up the prospect of a lengthy hiatus at the top of the organisation. The move was made in protest at what board members feel was poor handling of the appointment process by the Commission, say sources. The board\'s main complaint is reportedly that the Commission chose only to advertise the position in the EU\'s official journal. Just 37 applications were eventualy received, compared with over 1,000 when Mr Jiménez Beltrán was appointed and when the post was more widely advertised. Members were further incensed when the Commission eventually asked the board to choose between a shortlist of only two names - a Briton and a German - one of whom is understood to be a long-time Commssion staffer. After rejecting both, the board has asked the Commission \"to submit a new shortlist\" of candidates\", preceded by a new round of advertising \"in a wider range of printed and electronic media\". Having served as the agency\'s founder director for eight years, Mr Jiménez Beltrán is due to retire at the end of May. Zdroj: ENDS
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