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Tendr - Dodávka průtokoměrů

Tendr - Dodávka průtokoměrů
Macedonia Municipal and Environmental Action Programme / Supply and Installation of Bulk Flow Meters for Five Water Utilities in Macedonia Stav tendru: vypsaný tendr Banka: Evropská banka Datum uzávěrky: 14.05.2002 Popis: Dodávka průtokoměrů. Municipal and Environmental Action Programme Supply and Installation of Bulk Flow Meters for Five Water Utilities in Macedonia JKP \"Derven\"-Veles, acting as the Lead Company of the five Employers, namely the water utilities in: Kumanovo (JP ‘Vodovod’) Ohrid / Struga (MJP ‘Proaqua’) Stip (JP ‘Isar’) Strumica (JPKD ‘Komunalec’) Veles (JKP ‘Derven’) hereinafter referred to as \"The Employer\", intends using part of the proceeds of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) towards the cost of the supply and installation of bulk flow meters with associated civil works. The Employer now invites sealed tenders from contractors for the following works: Supply of 70 flow meters with diameters between 80 mm and 700 mm, valves and related appurtenances, installation in different locations of 6 towns, with associated civil works (flow meter manholes). The estimated duration of the contract is 27 weeks. The civil works is expected to be implemented concurrently at each location. Tendering for contracts to be financed with the proceeds of a loan from the Bank is open to firms from any country. Association of a local contractor with an experienced foreign contractor is encouraged. Tender Documents may be obtained or requested to be dispatched by mail or courier within Macedonia from the office at the address below of PROWA Engineering GmbH, acting as \"The Employers Representative\", upon payment of a non-refundable fee of €120 or equivalent in a convertible currency. For dispatch by courier outside Macedonia, a non-refundable fee of €180 will apply. Payment may be either in cash to the office below, or bank transfer as indicated below. Documents will only be dispatched after receipt of the bank transfer. If requested the documents will be promptly dispatched, but no liability can be accepted for loss or late delivery. All tenders must be accompanied by a Tender Security of 50,000 Euro (fifty thousand Euro), or equivalent in a convertible currency. Tenders must be delivered to the office at the address of JKP \"Derven\" – Veles on or no later than 14 May 2002 at 12:00 p.m. (local time), at which time they will be opened in the presence of those tenderers representatives who choose to attend. Address: JKP \"Derven\" – Veles ul. Vadarska b.b., 91400 Veles, Macedonia Tel: ( 389) 43 233 434 Fax: ( 389) 43 222 608 E-mail: derven@unet.com.mk A register of potential tenderers who have purchased the Tender Documents may be inspected at the address of the Implementation Consultant for MEAP. Prospective tenderers may obtain further information from, inspect and acquire the Tender Documents from PROWA Engineering GmbH at the following office (reference: Contract: \"MEAP, Supply and Installation of bulk flow meters at five water utilities in Macedonia\"). PROWA Engineering GmbH MEAP – Headquarters Ul. Salvador Aljende br. 61 b 1000 Skopje, Macedonia Tel: 389 2 109 255 Fax: 389 2 132 737 E-mail: meapHQ@meap-project.net Bank Account: Komercijalna Banka A.D. Skopje Foreign Currency 70803522-17315 Local Currency 8081522-8356 publikováno: 18.03.2002
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