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Tendr - ISPA - solid waste management project

Tendr - ISPA - solid waste management project
Latvia - Riga: ISPA - solid waste management project in Ziemelvidzeme region Stav tendru: avízo tendru Banka: Evropská unie - program ISPA Klíčová slova: odpad pevný Popis: LV-Riga: ISPA - solid waste management project in Ziemelvidzeme region Publication reference: EUROPEAID/113927/D/W/LV Procedure: International open tender. Programme: ISPA 2001. Financing: ISPA (70%). Local funding (30%). Contracting authority: Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, 25 Peldu Street, 1494 Riga, Latvia. Contract description: The contract comprises of the following works in accordance with the conditions of contract for plant and design-build (FIDIC Yellow book, first edition 1999): construction of a new sanitary landfill (earth works, first landfill cell covering 3,16 ha, drainage system, leachate collection system and treatment facility, landfill gas collection system, technical buildings, internal road, power supply, water supply, fence), temporary storage of hazardous waste at the landfill site, composting area, new access road and a waste sorting station. The contract includes also closure and remediation of the existing dumpsites (consisting mainly of compacting and leveling of the surface and fencing of the sites, total area 15 ha). Indicative number and titles of lots: Not applicable. Intended timing of publication: May 2002. Additional information: Tenders shall be submitted for all the works as described in 6. No tenders will be accepted for partial works. Legal basis: Council Regulation (EC) No 1267/1999 of 21 June 1999 establishing an Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-accession. Council Regulation (EC) No 2500/2001 of 17.12.2001 concerning pre-accession financial assistance for Turkey and amending Regulations (EEC) No 3906/89, (EC) No 1267/1999 and (EC) No 555/2000. Remarks: There must be a minimum period of 30 calendar days between the publication of this contract forecast and the publication of the corresponding procurement notice. No applications or requests for information should be sent at this stage. publikováno: 30.04.2002
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