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Tendr - Práce spojené s uzavřením skládky

Tendr - Práce spojené s uzavřením skládky
Estonia Tallinn: ISPA - Tallinn waste management - phase II - closing down of Pääsküla landfill Stav tendru: avízo tendru Banka: Evropská unie - program ISPA Klíčová slova: ISPA , odpad pevný , potrubí , silnice , stavební práce Popis: Práce spojené s uzavřením skládky 2002/S 86-067094 1. Publication reference: EUROPEAID/113973/D/W/EE 2. Procedure: International open. 3. Programme: ISPA. 4. Financing: Financing memorandum 2001/EE/16/P/PE/005. 5. Contracting authority: Municipality of Tallinn, Vabaduse väljak 10, 15197 Tallinn, Estonia. Tel.: 372 640 4581. Fax: 372 640 4321. 6. Contract description: A design-build contract based on the plant and design-build for electrical and mechanical works and for building and engineering works designed by the contractor, FIDIC first edition 1999, conditions and format that will cover the following components: - a site road (ca. 2 km) around the landfill, including an underlying bed of rock fill; - leachate collection drains (ca. 2 000 m), pumping stations (2 pcs) and pressure pipeline (ca. 140 m) to existing waste water pumping station, monitoring wells; - surface water drainage system (ca. 2 000 m); - final covering of the landfill with a top sealing (ca. 260 000 m2), drainage layer and a protective soil layer, reducing the infiltration through the waste to only about 50 l/m2 per year (complying with the EC regulations on landfilling of waste) and allowing the clean surface water to drain to Pääskäla river; - gas extraction from parts of the landfill not covered by existing system (Terts) including gas monitoring and a gas flare at the site. The scope of the works contract includes design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning all as specified and required. 7. Indicative number and titles of lots: Not applicable. 8. Intended timing of publication: July 2002. 9. Additional information: Not applicable. 10. Legal basis: Council Regulation (EC) No 1267/1999 of 21 June 1999 establishing an Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-accession. Remarks: There must be a minimum period of 30 calendar days between the publication of this contract forecast and the publication of the corresponding procurement notice. No applications or requests for further information should be sent at this stage. publikováno: 03.05.2002
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