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Danish parliament ratifies Kyoto protocol

Danish parliament ratifies Kyoto protocol
COPENHAGEN - The Danish parliament voted with a big majority yesterday to ratify the Kyoto climate treaty which will oblige the country to sharply cut by 2012 its emissions of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.
\"This ambitious commitment strengthens Denmark\'s position as frontrunner with regard to international environmental agreements,\" Denmark\'s Environment Minister Hans Christian Schmidt said in a statement. Ahead of a summit on sustainable energy due to be held in Johannesburg in September, European Union environment ministers have pledged to ratify the treaty by the end of May. The 15-member EU has led an offensive to persuade other industrialised countries such as Russia, Canada and Japan to ratify the treaty since the Unites States pulled out of Kyoto last year. Denmark takes over the six-month rotating EU presidency on July 1. \"As incoming chairman of the council of EU environment ministers I will prioritise the constructive dialogue with other key partners highly,\" Schmidt said. The treaty must be ratified by at least 55 countries representing 55 percent of developed countries\' carbon dioxide emissions to come into force. The Danish vote means 55 countries have now ratified it, according to U.N. data. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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