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EU drafts law on combined heat/power generation

EU drafts law on combined heat/power generation
BRUSSELS - The European Commission said it had drawn up a proposal for a law to promote the combined generation of heat and power, cogeneration, which it says saves energy and combats climate change.
The Commission said in a statement that the directive would encourage EU states to promote cogeneration through a systematic identification and progressive realisation of the national potential for high-efficiency cogeneration. EU states would have to report on the progress achieved towards meeting this potential and measures taken. To remove barriers to cogeneration, EU states would have to guarantee that power from cogeneration would be transmitted through the national grid without discrimination. It would also facilitate access to the grid for electricity produced from cogeneration units using renewable energy sources and from units with a capacity of less than one megawatt. It would also ensure that guarantees of origin of electricity from cogeneration could be issued on request. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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