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Nové knihy - Globalization and the Environment

Nové knihy - Globalization and the Environment
Altamira Press announces a new book series, Globalization and the Environment, edited by Richard Wilk and Josiah Heyman. The series emphasizes the global spread of environmental problems, the effects of cultural and ecobnomic globalization on the environment, and the global institutions and movements that regulate and change human relations with the environment. The series will include detailed case studies, innovative multi-sited research, and theoretical questioning of the concepts of globalization and the environment. At the center of the series is an exploration of the multiple linkages that connect people, problems, and solutions at scales beyond the local and regional. Topical monographs are preferred, but well-focussed and comprehensive edited collections will be considered. The editors welcome works that cross boundaries of discplines, methods, and locales, and which span scholarly and practical approaches. The series editors welcome book proposals and manuscripts, which should be submitted to Rosalie Robertson at Altamira Press, 1630 North Main St #367, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 (rrobertson@altamirapress.com). Initial inquiries should be directed to Richard Wilk (Anthropology, 130 Student Building, Indiana University, Bloomington IN 47405, or wilkr@indiana.edu).
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