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The Earth Summit opens in Johannesburg on August 26

The Earth Summit opens in Johannesburg on August 26
The Earth Summit, officially the United Nations\' World Summit for Sustainable Development, opens in Johannesburg on August 26.
The five official themes for the meeting, billed as the largest U.N. gathering in history, are water and sanitation, energy, agricultural productivity & food security, biodiversity and ecosystem management, and health. From July 29, Reuters will be running a package of features covering all aspects of the summit. These will include issues such as global warming, deforestation, the legacy of the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro 10 years\' ago, and an analysis of what has been achieved since the adoption of the Kyoto Accords on climate change. Reuters correspondents will also report on the fight for the world\'s water. They will examine what world leaders are doing to raise living standards in the developing world without destroying what\'s left of the planet\'s resources. Our economic staff will look at the way big business seeks profitable synergy with environmental causes and we will report on the anti-globalisation movement. In addition to features there will be advance stories from South Africa about the preparations, security and logistics of the summit. Features and spot stories, will, where appropriate, be accompanied by factboxes and graphics. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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