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UK metals recycling group head to stand down

UK metals recycling group head to stand down
LONDON - David Hulse, the director-general of the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA), is leaving the group at the end of the year.
BMRA, which was formed by a merger between two UK recycling groups, said this week that Hulse was standing down for personal family reasons. The group said in a news release it was looking to recruit a successor early in 2003. Part-time BMRA consultant Rick Wilcox would switch to working full time throughout the transition period to provide continuity. \"We are naturally very saddened at David\'s departure, but fully sympathise with the reasons for his decision. He has worked tirelessly over a difficult 18 months to fuse together two former trade associations, and to provide a strong industry lead on a range of legislative issues,\" BMRA President Caimin Rowntree said. \"His expertise in the End-of-Life Vehicle arena in particular will be extremely difficult to replace,\" Rowntree added. The European Union is implementing a directive on disposing of old vehicles which has posed challenges for the recycling industry. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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