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Scottish whisky island to run wave-powered bus

Scottish whisky island to run wave-powered bus
LONDON - Scotland\'s whisky-producing island of Islay will run the world\'s first bus to be powered by wave-generated electricity at the end of November, Greenpeace said.
The environmental campaigning group said it had donated the electric bus to be powered from a commercial wave generator on Islay, which aims to be energy self-sufficient. \"We\'re pretty confident that this is the first wave-powered bus in the world,\" said Ben Stewart of Greenpeace. \"We hope in decades to come all transport will be of this type.\" Previously electric vehicles have mostly relied on fossil-fuel power generation, which produces greenhouse gases, blamed for global warming. The UK government has set itself a target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 23 percent on 1990 levels by 2010, well above its commitments under the U.N. Kyoto Protocol. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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