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O skládkách v Řecku - Thessaloniki

O skládkách v Řecku - Thessaloniki
In the landfill site of Thessaloniki, research programs are carried out during the last five years, such as: As far as the systems of control and registration of water-bearing pollution are concerned, the research started in 1989, at the same time with the geological acknowbedgement of the area. The research was followed by earth-borings of 10 m average depth and also by sampling and analyzation of liquid samptes. During the period 1990-94, at the same time with the research mentioned above, geophysical research also took place. Since 1994, apart from the analyzations, continous plub measurings of the wellborings and in the dripping accumulation tank for the study of possible pollution fringe. The results of this research were exploited by the programming of a complete network of geoelectrical research and the sampling in well-borings within 1995. The laboratory that carries out the chemical analyzation of liquid and aerial dirt, was fourded in 1990 and is continounsly developing in the sector of equipment and the analyzations that are carried out. The laboratory is supporting the previous system technically, and at the same time it is carrying out a research about the possibilities of the elaboration of the areas dripping fluids, having been completely adapted to the new technical prescriptions for the functions of disposal sites. The application of the programs mentioned above made the Association adjust the waste management to the European Union prescription. In this way, the environmental problems in the eastern section\'s disposal site tend nowadays to be minimalized and in combination with the reformation works that are carried out, or programmed to take place within 1995, the area is being restored into a perfectly equiped and environmentally proper disposal site. But apart from the site management the Association has also proceeded in restoration works of the disposal site in Tagarades and in the two old landfills in Derveni and Thermi. Landfill site of Thessaloniki The works planned to be carried out contain the construction of an amusement park which will function as an attraction, not only for Thessaloniki, but for the whole central Macedonia. Within this intervention, the picture of landfill sites that has been created during the last years, will be radically different. Zdroj: OTA Meizonos Thessalonikis
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