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I v Egyptě se využívá bioplyn

I v Egyptě se využívá bioplyn
Methane recovery from landfill sites begins in Egypt Location of bioreactor landfill cell near industrial area in Sadat City, Egypt. Park constructed following end use rehabilitation on previous landfill site. The Greater Cairo area generates 12,800 tonnes of solid waste per day. In April 2000, Industry Canada launched a demonstration project in conjunction with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) for the design of two pilot-scale bioreactor landfill cells to be constructed at candidate landfill sites near Cairo and Sadat City, Egypt. This project will demonstrate the recovery of landfill gas, which can be used for power generation. The main components of landfill gas are carbon dioxide and methane. Since these gases contribute to climate change, the opportunity for landfill gas recovery and utilization also represents a means for controlling global warming. Not only will the release of landfill gas be mitigated, but all waste by-products from the cells will be diverted and used as compost material. R.J. Burnside International Limited, with project partners at AAW Consulting Engineers in Cairo, Biothermica International in Montreal, and SCS Engineers in Kansas City, continue with efforts to design and plan for the construction of these bioreactor landfill cells. Most recently, the EEAA has granted approval for two sites: one in an industrial area near Sadat City and the other near Nasser City Zdroj:www.esemag.com
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