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V Ghaně budují novou skládku

V Ghaně budují novou skládku
Gloria Kutin Kumasi A ¢48-billion engineered landfill site for scientific handling of solid waste is under construction at Oti village, near Domapoase, a suburb of Kumasi, as part of the measures to ensure sanitary environment in the Kumasi metropolis. The project, which is expected to be completed early next year, will cater for the sanitation needs of residents in the Kumasi metropolis for the next 15 to 20 years. The multi-billion project is being financed by the Ghana government, in collaboration with the World Bank and the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, under the Urban Four Projects. Sources close to KMA told the Chronicle that the KMA used its own revenue to purchase 100 acres of land for the project. The project, when completed, will go a long way to contain the sanitation and environmental problems that have bedevilled the city for the past decades. Meanwhile, KMA has also entered into partnership with Latex Foam in Kumasi to provide cast iron dustbins to be placed at vantage points in the metropolis to ensure clean environment in the city. The partnership has come as KMA\'s new policy of involving private sector participation in its sanitation programmes to ensure sustainable and efficient management of solid waste in the city. The policy that KMA has embarked on is intended to make the city regain its former glory as the \"Garden city of West Africa.\" The assembly has appealed to residents in the Kumasi metropolis to bear with the assembly on matters concerning the temporary sites for dumping of refuse while efforts are being made to construct a permanent site. Zdroj:www.allafrica.com
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