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Management odpadu v Sýrii a Libanonu

Management odpadu v Sýrii a Libanonu
Feasibility study of solid waste management in Tripoli (Lebanon) and Latakia (Syria) ECODIT participated with the Municipalities of Barcelona and Marseille in feasibility studies of solid waste management in Tripoli, Lebanon and Latakia, Syria. Solid wastes were then dumped on the sea shore within the boundaries of Greater Tripoli and near the coastline outside the boundaries of the Municipality of Latakia. In each city, the Team evaluated alternative solid waste management options, including sanitary landfill inland, sanitary landfill on land gained over the sea (for Tripoli due to limited availability of land), incineration, and composting-recycling. ECODIT provided support in (1) data collection and analysis; (2) public consultation and participation; and (3) comparative analysis of the costs and benefits of different waste management options. ECODIT participated in various technical meetings and workshops held with municipal and government officials and NGO representatives to discuss the environmental impacts of current disposal practices, the advantages and drawbacks of alternatives management options, potential site locations, and national and regional strategies for solid waste management in Lebanon and Syria. Zdroj:Ecodit
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