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Perspektivy využití bioplynu v EU

Perspektivy využití bioplynu v EU
Landfill gas has been widely adopted throughout the EU since the early 1980s and currently provides 553MW through heat and electricity generation; this is expected to increase to 1366MW by 2010. The world market for landfill gas use is estimated to be equivalent to 4500MW by the year 2010. So far, 15% of this has been developed, over 50% of it in the USA and Canada. Over the next 10-20 years, landfill gas use will increase rapidly in the EU due to improved waste management and new environmental measures. However, the subsequent period will see a decline in utilisation. The EC Landfill Directive, for example, aims to reduce the biodegradable material entering landfill sites, thereby reducing the generation of landfill gas. Zdroj:http://www.eu.int
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