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Řecká pravoslavná církev podporuje stavbu větrných elektráren

Řecká pravoslavná církev podporuje stavbu větrných elektráren
Heavenly wind The Greek Orthodox Church moves forward with plans to set up wind parks on monastery lands Embracing the doctrine of renewable energy, the Greek Orthodox Church is pursuing an initiative to harness the power of aiolos on church lands. Five breezy sites at monasteries around the country have been selected so far to host the church\'s first wind parks, due to be up and spinning before the end of 2003. The initiative was the brainchild of director of the church\'s economic department, Costas Pilarinos, who won the approval of the Ministry of Development and the Public Power Company (DEH). In the past year, officials from the DEH\'s wind energy subdivision have begun the task of examining candidate sites for the projected parks, taking measurements to determine which areas pack a sufficient aeolian punch. In order to support a wind park, an area must be situated near the public power network, be accessible to roadways to allow access for construction and maintenance and, most importantly, average yearly wind speeds of at least six metres per second. So far, 40 locations in central and southern Greece have been tested, a number of which meet these criteria. In the first phase of the plan, parks will be constructed in the island of Evia, the Peloponnese (prefectures of Achaia and Arcadia), and the Ionian island of Lefkada. Private and sustainable The landscape of Greece, with its many mountains and endless shorelines, is particularly conducive to the use of wind power. Currently, wind energy accounts for about 1% of electricity production in Greece. According to DEH alternative-energy sources director Nikolaos Stavridis, speaking to the weekly Athens News, wind-produced electricity could yield 6% of overall energy production in the next few years, while Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) chairman Demosthenis Agoris told the same paper that he foresees \"an aeolian energy boom in Europe, and Greece in particular, comparable to that of the mobile phone industry\". Since the lifting of restrictions on privately generated power, there has been great interest in the public sector in developing wind power projects. The use of wind turbines has particularly focused on isolated and island communities, which are not easily connected to the conventional power grid but are abundantly windy. Zdroj: www.greece.gr
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