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I v Libanonu jsou problémy s umístěním skládek

I v Libanonu jsou problémy s umístěním skládek
Municipalities, residents reject landfill proposals Main issue reported to be mistrust of state As predicted by environmental activists two months ago, no town will accept the government’s proposal to place a landfill in their backyard. The first rejection came last week form the Northern Iqlim al-Kharroub municipalities in response to a government proposal to establish a landfill in the quarries of Jiyyeh. Residents strongly opposed the proposal on the grounds it will be located between five towns and will receive hospital and slaughterhouse wastes. On Wednesday, mayors of different towns in the South expressed their strong rejection of the Cabinet’s proposal to establish a landfill for southern Lebanon in Mazraat Basfour. A statement issued by the various municipalities surrounding Mazraat Basfour said the landfill established in Nabatieh between 1997-99 had negatively impacted the environment and residents’ health, a situation they said they would not like to experience in their towns ­ home to more than 40,000 people. Environmental activist Munir Bou Ghanem told The Daily Star that residents’ rejection of locating landfills in their backyard will continue unless the government involves the public in the issue. “Regardless where the site is located, residents should be offered government guarantees on the means and processes of waste treatment,” said Bou-Ghanem, program officer of the Association for Forest Development and Conservation. According to Greenpeace campaigner Wael Hmaidan, the issue is not the kind of wastes to be dumped or treated in the landfill, but that residents “do not trust the government’s abilities in operating landfills in an environmentally safe method.” For his part, Bou Ghanem said the absence of the Environment Ministry from the scene will engender many problems in the future. “Environment Minister Fares Boueiz’s priorities are different from those of his ministry, whatever the environmental issue is,” he said, adding that the ministry should involve public communities in choosing landfill locations, and “convince them by offering clear data on the means that will be used to treat wastes.” Bou Ghanem also said municipalities will never accept any state proposal unless they are offered financial compensation: “They should adopt a legal waste trade, where a municipality sends its waste to another town and pays money for it.” According to Hmaidan, the government suggested five locations nationwide, but that the five locations are not based on “accurate technical studies.” He said the research took only one month and did not tackle the problem in depth. ­ N. R. Zdroj: webové stránky Dailystar
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