zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

I na Ukrajině se skládkám začínají věnovat

I na Ukrajině se skládkám začínají věnovat
BlazeTech is collaborating with the City of Berdyansk, Ukraine, in preparing a feasibility study on the cleanup of a solid waste site just outside the city. In this study, we will compare various options and technologies for minimizing the waste dump, and select the most environmentally and economically effective solution for implementation. Some of the options to be considered are on-site treatment and recycling, composting and diversion of the daily waste dumping to a new landfill. Established in 1953, the municipal/chemical waste dump in Berdyansk has received household wastes (glass, plastic, paper, and food) as well as wastes from textile/clothing, cable manufacturing, fiberglass production and oil refinery (mainly motor oil) industries. The dump also includes such products as scrap metal, copper and aluminum, and paint residues. The size of the dump is 0.8´0.2km wide and is presently overfilled. The site does not only pose a solid waste problem, but also groundwater and air pollution problems. Due to hazardous and flammable gas buildup in the dump, occasional breakouts of fires have been sighted in various locations. The occurrences of these fires create air pollution problems attributable to the emission of volatile organic compounds. BlazeTech will investigate the occasional fires or internal smoldering of the waste dump. The waste site also poses an ecological threat for the population of Berdyansk as it is located above groundwater, the source of potable water for the city. Zdroj:www.blazetech.com
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