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Tendr na vybudování skládky Constanta,Rumunsko

Tendr na vybudování skládky Constanta,Rumunsko
12/12/2003     S240               European Investment Bank

EIB - New solid waste landfill and closure of existing landfill (RO-Constanta)

2003/S 240-213367



The Government of Romania (hereinafter referred to as \" the Borrower) has received a loan from the European Investment Bank- EIB (hereinafter referred to as \"the Bank\") towards the cost of the \" Romania - Constanta Port Environment and Infrastructure Project\". This International Invitation for Tender relates to the contract for the - New solid waste landfill and closure of existing landfill - environment component.

This contract will include:

Design and construction in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build for electrical and mechanical works and for building and engineering works designed by the contractor

Components of the new Landfill:

- Basic lining system including clay, geotextile and PEHD layers

- Leachate collection / Drainage layer

- Walls and slopes

- Equipment for gas collection system

- Infrastructure / Entrance area including access, weighing, fence/gate, garage

- Electricity, water, sewerage, telephone

- Supply of Waste Compactor and wheel loader

Dimensions of the new Landfill:

- Length 150m

- Width 150m

Components of Closure of existing Landfill:

- Waste stabilization by compaction

- Formation of landfill body

- Gas collection system

- Surface water collection

- Intermediate surface sealing system

- Maintenance road, fence and gate

- Monitoring equipment

Dimensions of the existing Landfill:

- Area of approx. 10ha

This contract is required to be executed over a period of 12 months from the date of award of contract.

The criteria to be used in tender evaluation are:

- Completeness and verification of tender

- Technical concept

- Construction experience: minimum three contracts with a total value of 1.5 million EUR each within last 5 years in the fields of earth moving and drainage contracts plus the evidence that the bidder has access to expertise for carrying out sophisticated drainage works and landfill sealing

- Financial capabilities (in particular the annual turnover of at least 10 Mio. EUR in each of the last 5 years)

- Personal capabilities

- Technical equipment

- Adequacy of sub-contractors

- Litigation history/ Business practices

- Quality control and assurance system

- Tender price

All firms are invited to participate in the tender.

Interested eligible tenderers may obtain further information from:

National Company Maritime Ports Administration, Constanta S.A., Incinta Port, Gara Maritima, 8700 Constanta, Romania

Phone: 40 (241) 60 15 89; 60 13 91

Facsimile: 40 (241) 60 13 74

Contact person: Nicoleta Dogaru, Head of Foreign Investments Department

e-mail: ndogaru@constantza-port.ro

A complete set of tender documents may be purchased on the submission of an applicationto the above address, and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of 150.- EUR in cash or wire transfer to:


Account nr. : 3177020713

bearing the name of the project and the key word \"New solid waste landfill and closure of existing landfill\".

The tender must be delivered in sealed envelopes clearly marked \"Tender for Environment and Infrastructure Project - New landfill / Closure of existing landfill\" no later than 11.00 a.m. on 23rd of February 2004 at the following address:

National Company Maritime Ports Administration, Constanta S.A., Incinta Port, Gara Maritima, 8700 Constanta, Romania, Contact person: Nicoleta Dogaru, Head of Foreign Investments Department, e-mail: ndogaru@constantza-port.ro

The tender must be valid for 120 days and be accompanied by a Tender Security in an amount of EUR 25.000,-. This deposit must be valid for a period of 28 days after the due date without any interest or compensation to be paid by MPAC. This guarantee will be released to unsuccessful bidders once the tender procedure has been finalized and will be released to successful bidder upon signature of the contract.

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