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Superstroj na čištění olejových skvrn a sběr vodní vegetace

Superstroj na čištění olejových skvrn a sběr vodní vegetace

Managing oil spills more effectively

Indixon\'s oil spill and aquatic weed control harvester and ECO Oil Eater material are two new tools for improving the efficiency of oil spill clean-up operations. Super-absorbent ECO Oil Eater can absorb oil up to 10 times its own weight, and is both easy to handle and fully biodegradable.

Indixon\'s harvester is the result of 12 years of development work. Field experience with the harvester, which has been on the market for the last five years, has proved its reliability and performance in eliminating oil spills and removing unwanted aquatic vegetation and floating impurities.

Thanks to its use of an innovative rubber track-based propulsion system rather than conventional paddle wheels, the harvester can move as effectively on land as in shallow and deep water.

The Indixon harvester can process between two and 10 hectares a day, with an operating width of 1.9 metres and a cutting depth of between 0.3 metres above the surface and 1.5 metres below the surface. Constructed out of marine-grade aluminium and making use of the latest shipbuilding technology, the harvester weighs only 3.5 tonnes and can be transported on a single light trailer. The unit has a loading capacity of 1,000 kg, and can unload in less than 25 seconds. Extensive customisation is available to meet special needs.

Indixon\'s RS 5000 multipurpose harvester can be used for both
oil spill clean-up operations and aquatic weed control



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