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Odpadová firma Lobbe Tzilalis se připravuje na olympiádu v Athénách

Odpadová firma Lobbe Tzilalis se připravuje  na olympiádu v Athénách


Important sums will be placed at the cleaning, and removal of wastes during the Olympic Games. The overall policy in this matter does not concern only the 17 days of the Games but integrated systems that will remain after August 2004.

Lobbe Tzilalis”, a Greek company and one of the biggest waste cleaning companies in Greece has already began preparation for the assumption of the relevant projects, in cooperation with international companies.

During an interview to Βusiness2005.r, Mr. Anastasios Tzilalis, managing director of “Lobbe Tzilalis” and founder of “ABT” group says: “Waste cleaning and recycling of food packages are very sensitive areas for the Mass Media and society. We must present Athens as a clean city with environmental initiative. This project is very expensive and very important. It is obligatory that this project must fall under the leadership of a Greek company – Athens is our city and these are our Games. The benefits we will gain will be for our future.”

The fact that Greece is being pressured by the European Union in such issues makes this sector very crucial for the success of the organization. “Like other European countries, we have been pointed at for not abiding by the landfill regulations. Maintaining this attitude would be a fatal mistake for Greece. The Olympic Games are a perfect opportunity to introduce new programs that will be some of the few benefits that will stay a heritage after the Games.”

Referring to his company’s candidacy for this project, Mr. Tzilalis says: “This kind of services must be assigned to a Greek company. It was in this framework that we began our preparation, seeking at the same time the world market for a partner.”

“Lobbe Tzilalis” is part of a joint venture with Australian company “Cleanevent”, which has undertaken similar projects in three Olympic Games.

In fact, “Lobbe Tzilalis” had sent a delegation of its executives to Sydney and Salt Lake City, to see the planning adopted in those projects. In the last two and a half years it is preparing for the waste cleaning and recycling services for the 2004 Olympic Games.

“We embody our extensive knowledge of the Greek market and organizational structure necessary to actualize these programs, with information technology and ‘Cleanevent’s’ know how on the Games.

Concerning their cooperation with “Cleanevent” he says that they are working closely together for the past two years, putting into it more than 2000 hours. “It is an important contract, since we will ask the participation of companies from other branches of the industry. We are willing to share the workload and achieve the highest possible level of success for the Games.”

Mr. Tzelalis concludes: “We believe that only the Olympic experience can give us this know how and this is why we formed this joint venture. Now we are eagerly waiting for the results of the tender evaluation.”


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