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Project on Air Quality monitoring in Bosnia

Project on Air Quality monitoring in Bosnia

My name is Fernando Morate, Project Manager at Eptisa, Spanish engineering firm with several running projects in the area of Environment (water, wastewater, solid waste and air quality monitoring) in Eastern Europe. http://www.eptisa.es/indexe.htm

Eptisa in currently running a project in Bosnia under the title \"Support to Air Monitoring\" and are currently looking for an Environmental statistics expert who would like to join our team of international experts. Conditions are excellent. 

As your organisation is the key point of contact in  the Czech Republic when it comes to Environmental Issues and your name came up us responsible for the Environment Economics department at the CEU, I was wondering  if  you could provide some information about potential candidates for this project or propose some sort of collaboration.

Job description:

Project title: Support to Air Monitoring in Bosnia Herzegovina., funded by the EU, CARDS.

Fluent in both written and spoken English

Minimum 7 years relevant professional experience in preparation or management of statistical programmes at national level, an important part of which should be focusing on environmental statistics.

Specific Experience: Institution building and training experience related to CARDS or other bilateral or multilateral environmental projects in transition countries.

Well developed skills in participatory working methods.

The expert will be responsible for the project management and quality control of all activities related to this area of expertise.

Duration of the contract and the assignment:

The project will last 2 years and started in February 2004. We require the expert to start working as soon as possible for a period of one month. Then 3 months in May, June and July, and a further 1,5 months at the end of the year. In 2005 we would require some inputs as well. Taking into consideration our time table of activities, the expert would have to work around 170 days for the all project.

 Many thanks for your time and information, your prompt reply is very much appreciated. 

With kind regards,

Fernando Morate
Project Manager for South-East Europe
C/ Princesa, 3. 7th
28008 Madrid (Spain)
Tel.: 34 91 559 5152
Fax: 34 91 547 3934
e-mail: fmorate@eptisainternacional.es

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