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Pozvánka na 8. mezinárodní konferenci Životní prostředí a úpravnictví

Pozvánka na 8. mezinárodní konferenci Životní prostředí a úpravnictví
The conference will be held at VŠB - TU Ostrava 24.6. – 26.6. 2004

VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Institute of Environmental Engineering invites you to

the 8th International Conference on Environment and Mineral Processing

the conference will be held at VŠB - TU Ostrava 24.6. – 26.6. 2004

Vědecký výbor

Gordan Bedekovic – University of Zagreb, Croatia
Paolo Bevilacqua  – University of Trieste, Italy
Ana Maria Celeda  – Intemin, San  Martín, Argentina
Peter Fečko  – VŠB - Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic
Sanda Krausz  – Technical University Petrosani, Romania
Mária Kušnierová  – Slovac Academy of Science Košice, Slovakia
Marián Marschalko  – VŠB - Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic
Wladyslawa Mulak – Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland
Jorge Pérez – Instituto Politécnico Nacional, E.S.I.Q.I.E., Mexico
Keith Rainbow  – Mes International, Choppington, United Kingdom
Mario Sanchez  – University of Concepcion, Chile
Rudolf Tomanec – Universtiy of Belgrade, Serbia and Monte Negro
Barbara Tora  – University of  Mining and  Metallurgy Cracov, Poland
Edita Virčíková – Technical University Košice, Slovakia

Garant konference

Peter Fečko - VŠB-TU Ostrava

Organizační výbor

Eva Bogdanová   - VŠB-TU Ostrava
Vladimír Čablík   - VŠB-TU Ostrava
Iva Pečtová  - VŠB-TU Ostrava
Radmila Kučerová   - VŠB-TU Ostrava
Miluše Hlavatá   - VŠB-TU Ostrava
Renáta Muchová  - VŠB-TU Ostrava
Anna Pavlisková  - VŠB-TU Ostrava
Monika Říhová   - VŠB-TU Ostrava
Jaroslav Závada   - VŠB-TU Ostrava
Silvie Riedlová  - VŠB-TU Ostrava
Barbora Lyčková  - VŠB-TU Ostrava

Program 8. mezinárodní konference Životní prostředí a úpravnictví


7:00 - 8:00  Prezence

8:00  Zahájení konference

8:00 - 10:00 

ROUBÍČEK V., KOLAT P., JUCHELKOVÁ D., ČECH M., KADLEC Z., CEMERKOVÁ A.:  Biofuels based on sludge and brown coal  - CZECH REPUBLIC

SKŘÉPEK M.: The distribution of various mixture include biomaterials – mathematical modelling by fluent program – CZECH REPUBLIC

RAINBOW A.K.M.: An assessment of well – Burnt colliery spoils as an aggregate in concrete – UK

SOLIŃSKI I.: Ecoenergy production in Poland – POLAND

JUCHELKOVÁ D., DERKA R., WINTER F.: Experience with utilization of combined combustion of fossil and alternative fuels in Czech Republic – CZECH REPUBLIC

ONYECHE T.I.: Sewage sludge as source of energy – GERMANY

BARTUSEK S., MLČOCH P.: Potential utilization of alternative fuels containing organic materials on blast furnace process – CZECH REPUBLIC

MOROZOV V., PESTRYAK I.: Production of pelletized household fuel from low – grade coal - RUSSIA

MATSUI K., ITOI R., UEDA T., SHIMADA H., GOTTFRIED J., NAKAGAWA H., KRAMADIBRATA S., SULISTIANTO B., FURUKAWA H.: Control of acid mine drainage and erosion at opencut coal mines in Indonesia – JAPAN, CZECH REPUBLIC

PTÁČEK R.: Tailings in OKR - existing waste deposit, waste or raw material? – CZECH REPUBLIC

ŠAFÁŘOVÁ M., ŘEHOŘ M., LANG T., NOVÁK V.: Distribution of dangerous trace elements in coal and non-coal sediments of North-Bohemian Basin and in soils of reclaimed localities – CZECH REPUBLIC

10:00 – 10.30 Přestávka na kávu

10:30 – 12:30

ARAD V., ARAD S., DANCIU C.: Numerical method for assessing the secondary stress state around the horizontal mine workings in the geo-mining conditions of the Jiu Valley - ROMANIA

ARAD V., ARAD S., DANCIU C. : Research concerning appraisal and control of pillar stability in the case of the dry salt mining method in Romania – ROMANIA
SARANCHUK V.I., YATSENKO O.A., CHUISHCHEV V.V., VLASOV G.A.: Kinds of sulphur in coal and coke – UKRAINE

KAFAROV V.V., DALLOS C.G.: Use of activated carbons for direct conversion of methane to methanol – COLOMBIA

PEKAŘ M., KLUČÁKOVÁ M., OMELKA L., KALOČ M.: Lignite in ecological applications - CZECH REPUBLIC

KLIMOVIČ M., PEKAŘ M.: Rheological problems in environmental applications of lignite - CZECH REPUBLIC

BEDEKOVIĆ G., SALOPEK B., SOBOTA I.: Comparation of flotation column and mechanical cell in coal flotation – CROATIA

AROVIN I.A., SARANCHUK V.I., CHEHUTA V.G.: New flotator for enrichment of coal and sludge – UKRAINE

DJORDJEVIĆ Z.L.: The implementation of info system in order to control the production and stoppages in a coal processing plant – SERBIA AND MONTE NEGRO

KOSTECKI T.: Product dewatering system and machines use for its realization in coal beneficiation process – POLAND

PRAŠČÁKOVÁ M., KUŠNIEROVÁ M., GEŠPEROVÁ D.: Adsorption of heavy metals on brown coal sorbents – SLOVAKIA

HANAK B., KOKOWSKA-PAWLOWSKA M.: Sulphide mineralization of micropetrographic composition of coal from the coal seam 610  - POLAND

van OMMEN R., PICHLER W., KOFLER N., TURNER P.: Improving milling circuits through aggressive approach to cyclone and overall circuit operation - AUSTRIA

van OMMEN R., PICHLER W., KOFLER N., OLSON T.J.: Optimizing hydrocyclone design using advanced CFD mode – AUSTRIA, USA

12:30 – 13:30 Oběd

13:30 – 15:30

BUKURU G.: Environmental impact assessment of an open-pit nickel mining project - CHINA

AISAUTOV M.: Universal criterion for an estimation of ecological damage – the basic parameter of ecological compatibility - KAZAKHSTAN

PALFY P.: Application and succes of environmental management systems in Slovakia - SLOVAKIA

HRUBÁ K., PASTRŇÁK J.: Remediation of industrial landscape in Diamo state enterprise – CZECH REPUBLIC

PAUNESCU A.: Methods for the general evaluation of the impact which the mining activity has upon the quality of the Jiu river - ROMANIA

GOTTFRIED J., SHIMADA H., MATSUI K. : Application of mathematical models for the prevention of methane - escapes into the atmosphere – CZECH REPUBLIC, JAPAN

SHIMADA H., KHAZAEI S., GOTTFRIED J., MATSUI K., MINESHITA S., MIZUNUMA T.,YOSHIDA Y. : Application of mixture material with fly ash cement and chemical additives as backfilling materials – JAPAN, CZECH REPUBLIC

MICHALÍKOVÁ F., ZELEŇÁK F., ŠKVARLA J.:  On the problems of fly ash from  thermal power stations – SLOVAKIA

MEHMET P.: The use of fly ash to neutralization of acidic wastes and fixation of heavy metals in the ash structure – TURKEY

KOSTOVIĆ M., SIMOVIĆ I., KOSTOVIĆ N., ILIĆ I.: Utilization of fly ash in cement production - SERBIA AND MONTE NEGRO

van den BERG C., LORENZEN L., SCHUTTE B.: The utilisation of the ash water system as a salt sink – SOUTH AFRICA

HREDZÁK S., JAKABSKÝ Š., VÁCLAVIKOVÁ M., KURUCZ J.: Magnetic separation of ash from the Heating plant of Košice – SLOVAKIA
FEDOSSOVA A., KAFAROV V., MAECHE D.: Methodology for minimisation of air pollution in mining industry – COLOMBIA

15:30 – 16:00 Přestávka na kávu

16:00 – 19:00

LORENCOVÁ H., ZÁRUBOVÁ R.: Utilisation of wastes in MUS,a.s. Most – CZECH REPUBLIC

SEDLÁČKOVÁ V., FEČKO P., LORENCOVÁ H., SEDLÁČEK P.: Possibilities of ash – utlisation – CZECH REPUBLIC

ŠTEVULOVÁ N., MEZENCEVOVÁ A.: Effect of high – energy ball milling on synthesis of cement minerals from a powder mixture of fluidized fly ash, calcite and portlandite – SLOVAKIA

CHAKRABORTY A. K., RAINA A.K., HALDAR A., RAMULU M., CHOUDHURY P.B., SAHU P.B., BAGDE M., BANDOPADHYAY C.: Application of statistical tools to analyse human responses towards blast induced environmental hazards – INDIA

YEDILBAYEV A.I., MUZGINA V.S.: Ecological aspects of mining and metallurgical waste using for structural and special filling cement making – KAZAKHSTAN

KUCZYŃSKA I.: Outlook on waste utilization in Poland – POLAND

SLANČO P., BOBRO M., HANČULÁK J.: Dustiness risk in mining surroundings – SLOVAKIA

KECIR M.: The natural mineral pigments of the Northern Czech brown coal basin – ALGERIA

MIKŠÍK M., GERÁTOVÁ K.: The methodics applications of the ballast material after removal and processing- SLOVAKIA

RAMOS B., PANAGOPOULOS T.: The use of GIS in visual landscape management and visual impact assessment of a quarry in Portugal – PORTUGAL

ČERMÁK O., ČERMÁKOVÁ M.: Integrated approach to the solution of the infrastructure of an urbanised area – SLOVAKIA

PALUŠOVÁ D.: Construction of environmental managerial system in building enterprise – SLOVAKIA

BENEŠOVÁ J.: Landscape of mining region in the North Bohemia – CZECH REPUBLIC

BUIA G., RĂDULESCU M.: Nonconventional capitalization of the cooper ore deposit Rosia Poieni - ROMANIA

SUŁEK B., SZYMCZYCHA A., MULAK W.: Preliminary study of nickel leaching from a spent industrial catalyst – POLAND

VOROBIЕV A.Е., CHEKUSHINA T.V., KARGINOV K.G., POGODIN M.L.: Intensification leaching gold from ores at negative ambient temperatures – RUSSIA

OLIAZADEH M., AGHAZADEH V., TORABI M.: Application of solvent extraction for recovery of copper from sungun leaching solutions - IRAN

ESMAEILY A., NASERI S., MAHVI A.H., ATASH-DEHGHAN R.: Adsorption of lead and zinc ions from aqueous solutions by red soil (RS)- IRAN

ÖZBAYOGLU G., SENER S.: Gold and silver production practices in Turkey – TURKEY

VIGDORCHIK E.M., SHNEERSON Y.M., ZHMARIN E.E.: Mathematical modelling of continuous leaching process in the reactors train – RUSSIA

MATIK M., VÁCLAVÍKOVÁ M., HREDZÁK S., LOVÁS M., JAKABSKÝ Š.: Adsorption of As from solution by means of magnetically modified zeolite- SLOVAKIA

SOLOZHENKIN P. M., BONDARENKO E. V.: Extraction of antimony trioxide from gold – antimony concentrates by new solutioners - RUSSIA, KIRGIZSTAN

GOLOMEOV B., KRSTEV B.: Processing of galena synthetic mixures for producing lead and elemental suplhur – MACEDONIA

VOROBIEV A.E., BALYKHIN G.A., GLADUSH A.D.: Technogeneous of reproduction of petroleum – RUSSIA

19:30 Společenský večer v menze VŠB – TU Ostrava


8:00 – 10:00

BEVILACQUA P., GHIANI M., PERETTI R., ZUCCA A.: Investigation on heavy metals removal using alumina red muds – ITALY

LEWKIEWICZ – MALYSA A., KONOPKA E.: Physicochemical properties of the mine and deposit brine mixing together and the porosity of the reservoir rock – POLAND

ŠTOLC L., HRABÁK V., HESS J.: Recycling of splinter telescreen– CZECH REPUBLIC

TRPČEVSKÁ J.: Recycling of Al cassings – SLOVAKIA

NOWAKOWSKI J.: Metallurgical waste utilization – POLAND

LUPTÁKOVÁ A.: Microbial solubilization and imobilization of toxic metals - SLOVAKIA

SELATNIA A., MADANI A., BAKHTI M.Z., CHERGUI A.: Biosorption of  Ag ions from aqueous solution by a NaOH-treated bacterial dead Streptomyces Rimosus biomass - FRANCE

ŠLESÁROVÁ A., KUŠNIEROVÁ M.: Influence of acidific bacteria for generation of acid mine drainage - SLOVAKIA

HOLUŠA V., SEZIMA T.: Ecoline for production of compost and biopellets – CZECH REPUBLIC

GROUDEV S.N., DIELS L., GEORGIEV P.S., NICOLOVA M.V., SPASOVA I.: Bioremediation of acid drainage by means of a permeable reactive multibarrier – BULGARIA, BELGIUM

BEŇOVÁ A.: Microbiological characteristic of selected localities in the Horná Nitra region – SLOVAKIA

DARKWAH L., ROWSON N.A., HEWITT C.J.: Laboratory bioremediation of wheal Jane acid mine drainage – UK

ŽEBRÁK R., VESELÁ L., CHROMEČKA M.: Biofilters for cleaning water contaminated by organic substances – CZECH REPUBLIC

10:00 – 10:30 Přestávka na kávu

10:30 – 12:30

ČERŇANSKÝ S., ŠEVC J., URÍK M.: Microbial processes of arsenic methylation under laboratory and natural conditions – SLOVAKIA

KOLAHDOOZAN M., TABATABAEI Y. S. M., TABATABAEI H. R., SHAHVERDI A. R., OLIZADEH M., NOAPARAST M., ESLAMI A., MANAFI Z.: Bioflotation of Sarcheshmeh copper sulphide ore - IRAN

NOWAK A.: Classification and thickening of in sedimental centrifuge – POLAND
JANKOVIĆ B., MEDIMUREC N.G., ŽIVKOVIĆ S.:Technical feasibility of solution-mined salt caverns for use as waste storage facilities – CROATIA

MERKUSHEVA L.N., RUSH E.A., FROLOV V.S., UDOVITSKIY V.I.: Application of synthetic polymers for clearing mine waters – RUSSIA

BEKLIOGLU B., AROL A.I.: Flocculation – selective flocculation behavior of chromite - TURKEY

HICYILMAZ C., ALTUN N.E.,EKMEKCI Z., GOKAGAC G.: Investigation of hydrophobicity of pyrite as a function of pulp potential- TURKEY

VLYSSIDES A., BARAMPOUTI E.M., MAI S.: New design approach boosts daf efficiency - GREECE

SARBU R.,LORAND T.: Wastewater treatment by flotation - ROMANIA

KOSTOVIĆ M., POPOV S., STANKOVIĆ D.: Effect of grinding media on the galena surface reactions and flotation – SERBIA AND MONTE NEGRO

MARKOVIĆ Z. S., BLAGOJEVIĆ D., BLAGOJEVIĆ B.: New approach in determination of frother characteristics by flotation - SERBIA AND MONTE NEGRO

DEGHAN R. A., KOLAHDOOZAN M., KOOHSARI A. H.: Design and manufacturing of modified column flotation (3PC) – IRAN

MATVEYEVA T. N., NEDOSEKINA T. V.: Singularities of DMDC reagent affecting on sulfide mineral flotation by xanthate collector – RUSSIA

ÖZTAŞ B., ATALAY Ü., HİÇYILMAZ C. EKMEKCI Z. GÖKAGAC G.: Electrochemistry of pyrite flotation in the presence of dithiophosphate – TURKEY

12:30 – 13:30 Oběd

13:30 – 15:30

KRSTEV B.: Incidents in flotation tailing dumps and endanering of living environment - MACEDONIA

KOLAHDOOZAN M.,VAZIRI S.M., YARAHMADI M.R.: Developing an experimental model to estimate dispersion number based on continues kinetics tests for a pilot scale flotation column in Sarcheshmeh copper mine – IRAN

FROLOV V. S., BASSARYGINE V.I., VALEEV A.B.: Processing the slimes of lagoon on CPP „Belovskaya“- RUSSIA

NOAPARASAT M., BABAK F.: The effect of ore characteristics on liner wear in Chadormalu SAG mills- IRAN

PRAKASH T.: Performances  and efficiency of particle breakage during fine and ultrafine grinding using Jet Mill – MALAYSIA

AISAUTOV M., AISAUTOVA S.: The relationship of technological, economic and ecological parameters of a process at the mining-metallurgical enterprises and regulation of ecological damage by changing of technological parameters – KAZAKHSTAN

ZRUBKOVÁ M.: Monitoring of a transition from a mesophilic anaerobic stabilisation to a thermophilic one – CZECH REPUBLIC

KHODADADI A.,  KHERADMAND A., YONG R. N.: Mangenese and iron removal from groundwater thorough aeration – IRAN, UK

VESELÁ M.: Desinfection of municipal wastewater– CZECH REPUBLIC

NOWAKOWSKI J.: Investigation of the stability arsenic compounds – POLAND

MAZURKIEWICZ M., PALUCH D., SANAK-RYDLEWSKA S.: Hazard of the water environment by metallurgical wastes on the chosen example – POLAND

BÁLINTOVÁ M.: Riscs of the using sewage sludge in the agriculture – SLOVAKIA

PYSZKOVÁ M., LOVÁS M., ZNAMENÁČKOVÁ I., JAKABSKÝ Š.: The chemical stability of vitrificated samples prepared in the electric and microwave furnace – SLOVAKIA

15:30 – 16:00 Přestávka na kávu

16:00 – 19:00

MUCHA P., ŽEŽULKA V., STRAKA P.: Technological testing of magnetic filter with NdFeB magnets – CZECH REPUBLIC

TOLAR M.: Ecological advantages through recycling of steel products – SLOVENIA

BREHUV J., BOBRO M., HANČULÁK J., SLANČO P., ŠPALDON T.: Influence of old mining loadings in the river basin of Hnilec and Hornad on the reservoir environment of waterwork Ružín I – SLOVAKIA

RAIVICH I., AISSAUTOV A.: Using the method of electrodynamics analogy to study radial streamlines in hydrocyclone – KAZAKHSTAN

ĎURIŠ M., DLAPA P.: Effect of industrial fertilizer (ammonium nitrate) on cadmium mobility in  contaminated agricultural soil – SLOVAKIA

ŽBÁNKOVÁ P., KLUČÁKOVÁ M.: Lignitic humic acid as aid in soil remediation – CZECH REPUBLIC

KLUČÁKOVÁ M., PEKAŘ M.: Lignitic humic acids: natural active immobilization system for heavy metals – CZECH REPUBLIC

TAZBEKOV N.: Application of exergetic for decision of ecological problems – KAZAKHSTAN

TORA B., PASIOWIEC P.: The effect of in classification OSO sieving – POLAND

SUMARA A.: Car wraps utilization – POLAND

PESZKO B., SZYMAŃSKA-CZAJA M.: Graib shape and its influence on granulometrics analysis results – POLAND

TUMIDAJSKI T., GAWENDA T., SARAMAK D.: The influence of raw material sort on results of crushing in jaw crushers – POLAND
NIEDOBA T.: Utilization of non-classical statistics methods in raw material quality estimation – POLAND

RAMBOUSEK P., KOUŘIL T., GRYGÁREK J.: Evaluation of current exploitation and ore processing in Zlaté Hory area on environment – CZECH REPUBLIC

NOAPARASAT M.: An investigation on the comminution and grinding of metals – IRAN


AUGUSTYNIAK-OLPIŃSKA E.: Various aspects of waste industry plans – POLAND

HANČULÁK J., BOBRO M.: Current situation of immission loading in the area of Jelšava magnezite industry – SLOVAKIA

KOVANIČOVÁ Ľ., ČECHOVSKÁ K.: Tourmaline rock material and their environmental utilization  – SLOVAKIA

ANTONINI P., BEVILACQUA P., De LORENZI, GHIANI M., PERETTI R., ZUCCA A.: Granite waste exploitation for K-feldspar recovery - ITALY

BÚGEL M., LEŠKO M., PIETRIKOVÁ A., BAKALÁR T.: Transformation of serpentine waste grinding results from laboratory to pilots plant - SLOVAKIA

PIETRIKOVÁ A., LEŠKO M., BÚGEL M., BAKALÁR T.:Magnetic separation of serpentine waste - SLOVAKIA
HRABOVSKÝ L.: Closed belt conveyor – CZECH REPUBLIC

ZEGZULKA J.: Angle of internal friction in first flow mechanism– CZECH REPUBLIC

20.00  Společenský večer ve vinárně „Zaječský vinný sklep“ v Ostravě


9:00 celodenní výlet

Odjezd autobusu v 9:00 hod. od VŠB-TU Ostrava

- Technické Muzeum v Petřvaldě
- Návštěva zámku Fryštát
- Návštěva zámku Frýdek - Místek
- Valašské muzeum v přírodě Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
- Společenský večer v tradiční kolibě (“Na posledním groši“) Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

Předpokládaný návrat  ke kolejím 27.6. v 5:00 hod. ráno.

Kontaktní adresa


Prof. Ing. Peter Fečko, CSc.

VŠB - TU Ostrava

Institut environmentálního inženýrství - 546

17. listopadu 15

708 33  Ostrava - Poruba

   Tel. : 420  59 699 3575

  Fax :  420  59 699 4041

            420  59 691 8589

E-mail :  peter.fecko@vsb.cz


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