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Olympijské Athény zlepšily dopravní infrastrukturu,uleví se athénskému ovzduší

Olympijské Athény zlepšily dopravní infrastrukturu,uleví se athénskému ovzduší

Olympic Transport

The experience of previous Organising Committees has shown that transport is critical to the success of the Olympic Games. The daily transfer of thousands of athletes, journalists, spectators and members of the Olympic Family is a complex challenge and it will in large determine the success of the Games. ATHENS 2004 is facing this challenge carefully and methodically by working closely with the Greek Government to develop and implement a transport strategy able to meet the challenge of the Olympic Games. 

Transport during the Games

 κουκκίδα All spectators Olympic personnel and volunteers will use Public Transport (Metro, Suburban Rail, Light Rail, Buses) to travel to and from Olympic facilities during August 2004
 κουκκίδα There will be systematic and strict parking control in central avenues, as well as in all roads near the Olympic venues
 κουκκίδα Scheduled service will be increased for all Public Transport
 κουκκίδα Bus lanes will be increased from 16km to 100 km


Radical restructuring of the transport system throughout the greater Attica region, underway for several years, will provide the necessary infrastructure by Games-time to set in motion the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Transport Strategic Plan.

In the context of the Olympic Operational Plan for Traffic and Transit Management great emphasis has been given on implementing Traffic Management measures and policies that will also benefit the citizens of Athens after the Games. Major infrastructure changes will transform the city of Athens, improving the flow of traffic as well as the travel of commuters and visitors for years to come. High priority will be given to minimising the impact of transport operations on traffic, transport and environment. More specifically, the legacy that the 2004 Olympic Games will leave to the Greek capital is:

 κουκκίδα 120 kilometres new, modern roads
 κουκκίδα 90 km upgraded roads
 κουκκίδα 40 fly-overs
 κουκκίδα 7.7 km new Metro lines
 κουκκίδα 23.7 km Tram network
 κουκκίδα 40 km Suburban Railway (reaching the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos)
 κουκκίδα parking lots in central locations with accompanying new management systems
 κουκκίδα modern train stations
 κουκκίδα a new, ultra-modern Traffic Management Centre

All these developments will lead to reduction of atmospheric pollution, improve road safety conditions and a new transport culture.

The ATHENS 2004 Transport Division

 κουκκίδα Provides the Olympic and Paralympic Family (80,000 in total) with all required transport related services
 κουκκίδα Manages transport demand during the Olympic and Paralympic Games
 κουκκίδα Coordinates the Public Transport Agencies that will provide transport services to spectators and ATHENS 2004 workforce (600,000 daily);
 κουκκίδα Coordinates Public Transport and traffic management during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in cooperation with the involved public agencies
 κουκκίδα Provides all transport services in an environmentally friendly manner


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