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Recyklace v olympijských Athénách

Recyklace v olympijských Athénách


Recycling Tower

ATHENS 2004 major goals are to minimise packaging and waste coming from Olympic activities and to maximise the use of recycling practices. The Organisng Committee aims to educate everyone involved in the Games in waste management and recycling practices. We are working to achieve the best practicable environmentally friendly performance regarding waste management and we apply recycling practices in ATHENS 2004 headquarters throughout the preparation period.

Within the ATHENS 2004 headquarters, 108 tonnes of paper have been recycled, saving 1.836 trees; the amount of water needed for paper pulp treatment has been reduced by 3,402,000, and cut energy consumption by 442,800 kW. Thus, 272,17 cubic metres of landfill space have been saved.


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