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ABS-Hybrid Odor/Toxic gases Control

ABS-Hybrid Odor/Toxic gases Control
Dear Sir or Madam,

The ABS-Hybrid Odor/Toxic gases Control (H2S, TOVC etc.) and BOD
Reduction Methodology have been repeatedly proven in major Asian
metropolitans of Taiwan, Kong Hong, Guangzhou, Beijing and Japan in
the last five years. 
In comparison with the traditional Nitrate and hypochlorite
methodologies, the ABS-Hybrid Treatment Program is distinctively
teeming the ineffectual conventional methods in terms of: 1) cost
effectiveness; 2) treatment enduring; 3) reduction of odor/toxic
gases/waste solid; 4) no toxic Nitrite by-product; 5) no exploiting
the ecological balance of the earth surface minerals. 

Enclosed please find more information for your reference, thank you
and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Sam Wong Ph.D.
Technical Director,
Assure Bio-Sciences Ltd,
Web: www.abs-hk.com
Email: news@abs-hk.com
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