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V květnu veletrh environmentálních technologií na Ukrajině

Chemické látky
V květnu veletrh environmentálních technologií na Ukrajině

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, the Kiev City State Administration, the “Ukrecocomresursy” State Company, the “EXPO 2000 Ukraine” Ltd have the honour to invite you to take part in the first specialised exhibition


which is to be held 25-28 May 2005 on the premises of the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev. This event shall provide the venue for the industry experts and scientists to exhibit latest achievements in developing new technologies and equipments for collection, treatment and disposal of waste, recycling of waste into secondary raw materials as well as to demonstrate the wide variety of services related to the research, location positioning, design, construction and operation of waste burial sites and facilities, recycling plants.

Exhibition Sections:

Waste Management Practices and Technologies
· Reduction of Waste Production, Low Waste and No Waste Technologies
· Waste Collection, Depositing, Conservation and Disposal
· Separating Collection, Secondary Materials, Recycling

Waste Treatment Machines and Equipment
(Industrial, Municipal, Medical, Biological, Agricultural, Organic Wastes, Wastes from Forestry and Transportation Industry, Construction Wastes and Debris)
· Technological Equipment
· Machines and Mechanical Devices
· Exhausting and Filter Installations
· Sintering Machines
· Waste Briquetting Machines
· Metal Separators, Timber and Waste Incinerators
· Grinders
· Mills and Presses
· Dryers and Evaporators
· Treatment Facilities
· Close Circuit Water Supply Systems
· Waste Heat Recovery Systems
· Scraping and Chopping Machinery
· Measuring instruments and Control Devices

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap and Waste Collection
Enzyme Chemicals for Recycling of Organic Matters
(Bio Granules, Solvents etc.)
Secondary Raw Materials (Recycled Products)

Transportation - technology solutions, packing, special means of transport

Recycling Plants (Facilities), Disposal Sites
Research, Optimised Positioning
· Design, Construction
· Assembling, Operating, Repair and Maintenance
· Technology Solutions, Machines, Automation
· Monitoring Systems for the Facility Operation, the State of Environment and Population Health on the Surrounding Territories
· Productive Use of the Disposal Sites
· Disposal Facilities Conservation and Reclamation of Degraded Lands
· Special Overalls and Working Cloths

Leasing Auditing, Insurance
Professional Associations
Specialised Literature, Mass Media

Exhibition Events
: conferences, seminars, round tables, presentations, contests

The PARTICIPANT may order (all prices are quoted as per 1 sq. m for the total duration of the event):

- indoor non-equipped exhibition space EUR 108.00
- standard equipped exhibition booth (stand) EUR 145.00
- outdoor non-equipped exhibition space EUR 20.00
- in absentia participation EUR 200.00
Registration Fee: EUR 150.00

The exhibition will be accompanying the Third International Forum Exhibition of the “Environment - 2005” which will be held under the auspices of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and in association with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN ECE).

For additional information please contact:
“EXPO 2000 Ukraine” Ltd
Phone: 38 (044) 294-68-86, 295-83-97
Fax: 38 (044) 295-83-97
Е-мail: dovkil_e@expo2000.com.ua

ZDROJ: www.dovkil-e.expo2000.com.ua




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