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Maďarský Eko-Kom

Maďarský Eko-Kom
European as well as Hungarian legislation, among other things, makes manufacturers responsible for recovery of packaging waste. The producer is responsible for the recovery of a determined rate of the waste generated by packaging as well as for the collection of the waste necessary for meeting the above mentioned obligation. ÖKO-Pannon is a non-profit oriented public benefit organisation which was founded at the end of the year 1996 by the emitters of packed products as well as by the manufacturers of packaging material and means of packaging in order to fulfil their common obligations imposed by the Waste Management Law. ÖKO-Pannon is the co-ordinating organisation as it is established by the governmental decree about packaging and about packaging waste and which is carrying on its activity in accordance with the directive 94/62/EC. The aim of our organisation and of our founders is to expansively implement at a large scale the collection and recovery of packaging waste also in Hungary, having in view the practice from the EU member countries. Among our founders, one can find big Hungarian and international companies which are manufacturers of packaging material as well as filler companies, all of them being actively committed to the preservation of our environment, they all wish to reduce at a minimal extent the burden caused to the environment. Since the appearance and enforcement of laws which have provided the legal background for the foundation and completion of our activity, ÖKO-Pannon has established a network for the selective collection and recovery of waste which system is able to co-ordinate on a country-wide scale the above mentioned activity. This network is being operated by the public benefit company. The expenditure given by the operation of this network as well as the additional costs incurred by the network which are higher if we compare them with the costs of the traditional way of collection, are being financed by ÖKO-Pannon from the licence fees paid by the contractual partners of the organisation. ZDROJ:www.okopannon.hu
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