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Kdo zajišťuje svoz odpadů v Beogradu

Kdo zajišťuje svoz odpadů v Beogradu
City Sanitation JKP "Gradska čistoća" Mije Kovačevića 4 tel: 767-666; fax: 761-596 Director: Dragan Ignjatović DEPARTMENTS: Economic and Legal Department, 767-067 Maintenance Department, 2767-075 Operative Department, 2768-770 CITY MUNICIPAL BRANCHES: Čukarica, Poručnika Spasića i Mašere, tel: 2391-771 New Belgrade, Autoput 6, tel: 603-383 Palilula, Mije Kovačevića 4, tel: 752-625 Rakovica, Borska 9A, tel: 3591-921 Savski venac, Milana Toplice 1, tel: 4883-701 Stari grad, Dunavska 10, tel: 3282-066 Voždovac, Milana Toplice 1, tel: 4882-916 Vračar, Orlovića Pavla 13a i Milana Toplice 1, tel: 2444-517 Zemun, Ugrinovačka 223, tel: 616-894 Zvezdara, Milana Rakića 75a, tel: 412-192 Division "Waste", Višnjička 55b, tel: 782-132 Division "Sewage Matters Transport", Mije Kovačevića 4, tel: 768-853 Dumping Area "Vinča", tel: 342-12-31 The Official Document passed by the former Belgrade Municipality on August 1, 1884 provides for the collection of charges for garbage removal, which day has been taken as the date of founding the PUC "Gradska čistoća." The basic operations of the PUC "Gradska čistoća" include upkeeping of the public areas, removal of refuse and garbage and their dumping. The Company is responsible to remove minor dumping areas, as well as bulky refuse and vehicle wrecks. The scope of the "Gradska čistoća" Company responsibilities covers 10 Belgrade Municipalities, including almost a half million of households, and covering over 25 million square meters of housing and more than 13 million square meters of office/commercial area. The Company employs around 2200 permanent employees and about 470 part-time employees. The employees and plant/equipment regularly clean 2250 City streets, the area of which amounts to about 16.5 million square meters. Only 1.3 percent of drinking water from the water distribution piping is used for washing the Belgrade streets and it starts as soon as the outdoor temperature exceeds 40C. The area washed by means of water tanks or hydrant network covers about 13 million square meters of the public areas. The "Gradska čistoća" Company collects and dumps approx. 1200 tons of garbage. Nowadays, Belgrade has only one dumping area at Vinča, which has been in use since 1977. Although the dumping area covers 65 hectares, thus being the largest one in Europe, it is insufficient for Belgrade. The Company’s fleet includes around 290 vehicles of various types, but only 68 percent of them is in the operation, since the average age of vehicles amounts to 13 years. The fleet conditions have been substantially raised owing to the humanitarian aids of the Italian Government, and the cities of Dier (Germany), Vienna, Paris and Parma. ZDROJ:www.beograd.org.yu
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