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Ekologický veletrh v Turecku

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Ekologický veletrh v Turecku
A big market is waiting for you!... “Recycling and Waste Management” ...... a recent concept that creates billions of dollars of added value for developed economies.Turkey, with the population of 70 million is just at the starting point of this subject. İstanbul, a strategical business and trading center where two continents meet,is not only the heart of Turkey but also Eurasia. This enormous geography is developing with the effect of Turkey and accessing to global values in this way. “Environment, energy and recycling of other natural sources” have the priority of the international funds and capitals for global investment.This gains a huge importance on the process of integration of Turkey with Europe. Rising interests and searches on this field are becoming evident on Government,Local governments and private sector levels. “Recycling İstanbul '05 “ fair gives the opportunity for natural and international firms to show themselves on the process of every step from waste collecting and processing to turning to product . The firms will take place on 9 main parts at the fair and will meet public and private sector's idea makers to improve recycling and waste management to a huge industry like in developed countries. Turkey collects only half of its waste in comparison to the developed countries and exports it without processing . In “Recycling İstanbul ‘05” Turkey will find out how to get million dollars valued row material and product by recycling of solid waste, water, and heat and how to produce energy using house waste and wind. And also the support of public management , NGOs and media will be obtained on the subject of recycling and waste management with activities and promotion programmes that will create a poverful platform. By this way, in this giant market (that has more than 3.500 local management units, over 500 organized industrial zones and thousands of industrial establishments) the public opinion sense and the inclination of investment will increase simultaneously. The firms that will participate in “Recycling İstanbul ‘05” will give way to the future investments and will have the advantage of competing with new projects. Take your place in this enormous and important meeting! ZDROJ:http://www.ifo.com.tr/recycling05/index_en.php
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