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Seminar on Green Public Procurement

Seminar on Green Public Procurement

Green public procurement in the Czech Republic is implemented by two legislative tools: the Act 40/2004, of the Code, on public procurement and the Government Decision 720/2000 to the proposal for development of distribution and use of ecologically friendly products.

The Act n. 40/2004, of the Code, enables that a contractor uses „ecological features of subject of public procurement“ as one of the criteria (e.g. energy consumption, lifetime, used materials, packages, or different technical specifications and requirements, by which the demanded product becomes environmentally friendlier than comparable alternatives).

The Government Decision 720/2000 supports “greening” of public administration by recommending to the ministries and other bodies of state administration to consider as one of the evaluation criteria ecologically friendly purchased products and also to prefer direct purchase of those products (e.g. for reconstruction of buildings’ exteriors and interiors and their equipment – furniture, lights, office instruments and papers, hygienic equipment etc.).

The Ministry of Environment is naturally using a wide range of ecologically friendly products. However, there is still low awareness in the public sector on central, regional and local level.

The seminar on Green Public Procurement, which will be held on 23 May in Prague, will help to increase awareness across the whole public sector and will provide floor for discussion with the private sphere about both, best practices and potential barriers.

The seminar will also provide one more step towards implementation of the Environmental Technology Action Plan (ETAP) in the Czech Republic and will help to open exchange of experience between several EU Member States as well as Accession Countries.

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