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Co píše UNEP o ČR?

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Co píše UNEP o ČR?
National Environment Outlook The quality of the environment in the Czech Republic improved profoundly in the first years of nineties mainly thanks to structural changes in the State economy. The tendency of a step-by-step amelioration of the main components of the environment has continued even in the last years, especially with regard to air and water, and basic conditions have been created for continuous regeneration of the natural environment. The integration of environmental principles into sectoral policies represents an important challenge for the forthcoming period, together with changes in national legislation, appropriate implementation of administrative and economic measures and the reform of the State administration. Energy, mining industry, transport and agriculture are sectors with the highest impact to the environment. Policy development across these sectors needs to be coordinated so as to minimise environmental impacts. The development of the environment and its components, as well as current trends in this development, show that by 2005, the quality of the basic components of the environment could be comparable with those in the member states of OECD and EU. Information for this profile was provided by: Milena Roudná, Ministry of the Environment This profile was last edited 22 January 2004. ZDROJ:http://www.acrr.org/about-us/home.htm
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