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Aktivity ACRR.

Aktivity ACRR.
ACTIVITIES ACRR: organises conferences and seminars where members and non-members can debate and collect information on topical issues relating to waste management. publishes technical reports : during the year 1999 and 2000, ACRR notably published reports “The application of local taxes and fees to household waste collection”, “The concept of prevention in Europe”, and “The strategies of minimisation and recycling of municipal waste in European Cities”. distributes a Newsletter : published four times a year, the ACRR newsletter contains interviews with personalities of in waste management (public sector, industry, international organisations, media…), news from members, activity reports, updates on recycling around the world and an agenda of events. ACRR takes part in discussions on Directive projects with the DG Environment of the European Commission within the “Ad Hoc” Committee for the local authorities. ACRR takes part, as an expert group, in international studies and projects on waste Management. FIELD OF ACTIVITIES Prevention Eco-consumption Selective collection Composting Recycling Recovery Packaging waste Organic waste Electric Equipments Tyres Hazardous waste Bulky waste Statistics and techniques Legal, economic and voluntary instruments Communications and public awareness methods Markets for secondary materials European current affairs ZDROJ:ACRR
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